TOY TOWN: This series is an intimate exploration of the neighbourhoods
I cherished as a child in Chennai and the Tamil quarters of Pondicherry, where
I currently reside. Through stylised portraits, I establish a visual dialogue between the subjects, who are friends and acquaintances, and their surrounding environment.

Specifically, in a conscious effort to avoid stereotypical representations of places like Pondicherry that are often seen through a colonial lens, my intention is to present a more personable portrayal of these Tamil neighbourhoods as a local. 

Each photograph evokes a sense of personal connection to these places, which hold deep-rooted memories from my childhood.

The resulting atmosphere reflects the colourful richness and playfulness specific to these neighbourhoods that resonate with me on a profound level.

In addition to its personal significance, "Toy Town" also serves as a visual record of the evolving contemporary architecture in Tamil Nadu. By incorporating architectural elements into the series, I also highlight the dynamic transformation and modernisation taking place within the region.

Through this ongoing project, my goal is to offer viewers a nuanced perspective, transcending traditional narratives and embracing a more inclusive representation. The series is an invitation to explore the intersection of our evolving urban environment and the people who bring life to these spaces.